Public Transport

There is very little public transport available in Ashwater. There is one return bus to Holsworthy on Wednesdays for the market, another return on Tuesdays to Bideford and Barnstaple and another return bus on Fridays to Tavistock.

Buses to and from Ashwater

Tuesday  646

Halwill Junction -- Ashwater -- Clawton -- Holsworthy -- Stibb Cross -- Monkleigh -- Bideford -- Barnstaple

and return journey to Halwill Junction

Wednesday  638

Halwill Junction -- Ashwater -- St Giles on the Heath -- Chapmanswell -- Clawton -- Holsworthy 

and return journey to Halwilll Junction

Friday  188

Halwill Junction -- Ashwater -- Broadwoodwidger -- Lifton -- Lewdown -- Coryton -- Chillaton -- Tavistock 

and return journey to Halwill Junction    

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Holsworthy Community Transport have a few local transport schemes including Ring & Ride, Fare Car, Volunteer Car Scheme and Wheels to Work - click here